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Protesis de dentadura completa


Dentures is the most widespread solution of missing teeth problem. Affordable Dentistry of South Florida can install dentures of different types with the help of advanced techniques and modern materials and equipment.

What is denture?

This is a removable false teeth appliance that can be made of different materials (plastic, metal or nylon) that is installed over gums to perform the functions of healthy teeth. A denture is an affordable way to solve the problem of gaps caused by missing teeth. Dentures help a person to chew, eat and speak normally. Besides, it helps to restore a healthy smile. Our specialists use two basic types of dentures:

  • A complete denture is recommended to replace all missing teeth of the lower or upper jaw;
  • A partial denture is typically used to restore one or a few missing teeth.

Why you should treat missing teeth? Gaps in jaws can cause the whole gamut of dental problems starting from displacement of teeth and causing by articulation problems. In its turn, it triggers problems with chewing and digestion. Absence of teeth can lead to gradual loss of jawbone since it loses support. It goes without mentioning unhealthy smile and poor aesthetics.

Types of dentures we use

Affordable Dentistry of South Florida offers metal and acrylic dentures. Plastic (acryl) dentures are non-expensive and can be used temporarily. Flexible partial dentures or combinations canb serve as a solution. Such construction can serve for many years, if it’s not exposed to load and mechanical damage. Chrome cobalt or titanium dentures are based on metal components that strengthen the construction and require less space in mouth. Our specialists can install all types of dentures, including:

  1. A full removable denture can be placed in patient’s mouth after the remaining teeth and gums have healed totally – it can take a few months;
  2. Immediate dentures are installed on the same day when the remaining teeth are removed. You will need to visit a dentist beforehand to make the models of your jaw. After complete healing of the jaw you may need to have your denture remade or relined;
  3. Overdenture may preserve the jawbone and provide high stability and support of the denture. It may fit over several remaining natural teeth. Implants can perform this function as well. Standard of care for lowers include implant supported complete dentures that provide the best outcome.

Specialists from Affordable Dentistry of South Florida make high-quality dentures that can serve for years. Responsible approach and affordable prices make our clinic number one for patients with different dental issues.

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