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Dental emergency

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How do I know, it’s a dental emergency?

Aren’t sure whether you have a real dental emergency? Ask yourself several questions:

- Do I suffer from serious dental pain and sensitivity?

- Do I have severe bleeding around my gums?

- Is there tooth fracture or loss?

- Is my face swollen?

If the answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, call our Office immediately. Our dentist on call will examine you and, if necessary, render an emergency dental treatment.

Don’t hesitate to call us right away! Affordable Dentistry of South Florida can quickly deal with any type of tooth emergency.

What do we do in case of emergency?

Any tooth damage should be treated immediately, be it fractures, chips, crown breaking, loss of teeth or fillings. With the help of emergency visits you can save your teeth and diminish the risk of side effects and outcomes. Our team deals with the whole gamut of dental problems:

  1. You have broken your tooth? The faster you get to our office, the higher is the opportunity to save it;
  2. If you have dental infection and face swelling, we can define the reason of the problem and eliminate the pain and avoid more consequences;
  3. Chipped or fractured teeth are repaired with composite filling material, re-implantation or removal;
  4. Traumas and injuries of tissues: tears and wounds in mouth, lips, cheeks and tongue require emergency care, and our oral surgeon can render it;
  5. Crown loss. Visit our office to fix the crown and avoid further aggravation.

When is an emergency appointment available?

Please call us to request appointment availability for your dental emergency. In case you cannot schedule an appointment with us, please go to the ER for assistance.

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