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Dental Fillings

Restauracion dental

Dental Fillings

Dental filling helps restore normal function and appearance of damaged teeth. We use fillings from the safest materials and guarantee optimal service at reasonable prices.

When dental fillings are needed?

Fillings are required to restore tooth structure and function. A dentist removes a decayed part of the tooth, cleans the cavity and fills it up with a special material. Dental filling prevents further decay and infection.

Materials for dental fillings

Different materials are used for dental fillings depending on the level of tooth damage, biocompatibility and, of course, client’s budget. Affordable Dentistry of South Florida offers the following types of dental fillings:

  • Typically, gold inlays don’t cause allergic reactions and may serve for about 20 years, what makes this option preferable. However, this is the most expensive material, and several visits should be made to place it;
  • Plastic and/or composite resin fillings ideally match dental colors;
  • Porcelain filling is a good alternative to gold ones, because it is durable and resistant to stains. As a rule, it covers the whole tooth. We produce porcelain filings individually using state-of-art equipment in our laboratory.

Severely decayed teeth can be fixed with crowns or caps – your specialist will help you to make the choice.

Procedure of dental filling

During dental filling procedres, our dentist will administer local anesthesia and use a drill to get rid of the decayed tissue and prepare the area. Then the tooth will be etched with a gel for bonding, and the filling will be put in place. Tooth polishing is the last stage.

Affordable Dentistry of South Florida will help you to restore health, aesthetics and functionality of your teeth. No need to overpay for high-quality dental care!

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