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Wisdom teeth and oral surgery

Wisdom teeth and oral surgery

Wisdom teeth and oral surgery

Oral surgery is often a must for solving serious dental problems. In Affordable Dentistry of South Florida, you can go through surgeries and wisdom tooth removal without pain and minimal risks. We perform most kinds of oral surgeries on gums and teeth including wisdom tooth removal.

When is oral surgery required?

Although oral surgery can hardly be called a pleasant procedure, sometimes it’s the only way to cure diseases and cease their development or further damage. Specialists of Affordable Dentistry of South Florida can help you in the following cases:

  1. Impacted wisdom teeth. A molar that fails to erupt and becomes trapped can cause pain, infection and inflammation in the space between gums and jawbone. In this case, wisdom teeth are extracted;
  2. Incision and drainage of an abscess;
  3. A lost or hopeless tooth. If the tooth is beyond repair it is surgically removed to have an implant placed later;
  4. Frenectomy;
  5. Periodontal gum surgery;
  6. Apicoectomy;
  7. Sinus lift and bone graft;
  8. Removal of torus;
  9. Biopsy is performed to take a sample of oral tissue that looks suspicious.

These and many other issues can be successfully solved at Affordable Dentistry of South Florida. With thousands of successful surgeries under their belt, our dentists can solve your issue with maximal efficiency and safety.

Our benefits

In Affordable Dentistry of South Florida, all dental services are available at reasonable prices. Our qualified dentists have extensive experience and can execute the full spectrum of dental surgeries.

We use a high-quality anesthesia and modern treatment methods for our surgeries. Affordable Dentistry of South Florida is equipped with state-of-art surgical tools and units allowing us to leverage modern techniques and approaches for oral surgery.

Have a dental emergency? Affordable Dentistry of South Florida will be happy to assist you at any time of day and night (for more information please see Emergency Services on our web-site)..

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