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Symptoms of Periodontal Disease In Adults

As a rule, neglected periodontal disease causes infections, gastritis, and liver disease. In addition, the patient may completely lose all of his teeth, after which he will not be able to eat comfortably without dentures or special implants.
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02 august 2022, 15:38
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Why Should a Wisdom Tooth Be Extracted?

There are no aesthetic consequences of removing third molars. They have no functional load. But many people often wonder why a wisdom tooth should be extracted. This question raises a lot of controversy among medics as well.... Read more


02 august 2022, 15:17
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Stomatitis In Adults And How to Treat It

Stomatitis is an inflammatory lesion of the mucosal epithelium of the oral cavity. The pathology is one of the most common dental problems. The highest incidence of stomatitis is recorded among children. Causes of pathology are diverse, depending on the etiology, there is a clinic... Read more


02 august 2022, 13:28
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Types of Bites

There are correct and incorrect bites. And the difference is not so much in aesthetics, as in the functionality of the dentoalveolar system. If it is disturbed, then we are talking about pathological types of bite, in which orthodontic treatment is a necessity.
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02 august 2022, 11:39
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Aligners or Braces?

Contact our Affordable Dentistry of South Florida dental office for alignment and other dental issues. Our doctors use advanced treatment methods and modern equipment. Make an appointment at our dental clinic. We will choose an effective method of correction and make your teeth healthy.... Read more


01 august 2022, 15:26
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