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Dental Implants



Dental implants are root-like titanium posts that are surgically inserted into the jawbone below the gum edge, allowing the dentist to place a denture or bridge in that area. Unlike a denture, the implant does not come loose. Dental implants also improve overall oral health as they do not need to be attached to other teeth as bridges do.

Dental implants: possibilities of replacing a permanent tooth



Dental implants can amazingly boost self-esteem as they mimic natural teeth in feel and appearance. Many people who are embarrassed to smile due to the formation of a gap in the place of a lost tooth feel more comfortable after installing a dental implant. Dental implants not only offer an aesthetic benefit, but also make eating and talking easier, as a titanium post in the jaw holds the implant securely in place.


When installing implants, you must carefully follow the rules of oral hygiene. You should floss your teeth once a day and a toothbrush two to three times a day. In addition, it is necessary to visit the dentist every six months for examination and professional oral hygiene.


If you plan to have dental implants, you need to ensure the health of your teeth and proper bone condition to support the implant. If the bone is too thin or soft to support the implant, a bone graft may be required. Alternatively, if there is insufficient bone height in the upper jaw, or if the sinuses are too close to the jaw, surgery to lift the maxillary sinus floor may be required.


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