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Dental Insurance 2020

We have been caring for patients in Dental Industry for more than 25 years so we would love to share with you some tips on how to get the best Dental Insurance that would actually help you throughout your treatment.


Proper dental care can be expensive, and this is especially true if you need work beyond basic cleanings and preventive care. A report from the American Dental Association says that, on average, adults’ ages 19 to 34 spend approximately $492 on dental work within a year, whereas those ages 35 to 49 spend $598. Annual spending surges to $785 on average for individuals ages 50 to 64, which reflects the fact that older Americans tend to need more dental work. We are here to keep you healthy and save you tons of money!


See the list of dental insurances with minimum copays and maximum coverages.


WHEN CHOOSING A DENTAL COVERAGE it’s important to follow these factors:


  1. Pick a PPO plan, not an HMO
  2. Make sure it has no waiting period
  3. Maximum should be not less than $1500 per calendar year.




-Humana PPO

-Cigna PPO

-Delta PPO

-MetLife PPO

-Amenities PPO  (covers even implants)

Affordable Dentistry of South Florida is here to help you and guide you for what’s best for you. Call us to help you get the most our of your insurance benefits!


15 december 2020, 15:45

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  1. Jonathan 17 january 2021, 19:46 # 0

    Thanks for the tips!
    Can you elaborate on why should we choose PPO instead on HMO please