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Dentistry in Pregnancy

There is an opinion that it is better to avoid any interventions with dentistry not to harm the baby. Indeed, during pregnancy, some procedures are contraindicated. Therefore, it is better to get a dental exam and full mouth dental x-rays before planning a pregnancy. However, there is no harm in seeing a dentist while expecting a child. From this blog patients will learn:

1. In what trimester it is better to carry out treatment; 

2. Is it allowed to get x-rays during pregnancy; 

3. Is dental anesthesia harmful for the baby?

What procedures are contraindicated for pregnant women. Affordable Dentistry of South Florida located in Hollywood treats future mothers to be at any stage of pregnancy. You can make an appointment online or by phone at our Hollywood location, our dental  office offers same day appointments and is open on Saturdays.

  • Features of dental treatment in the early and late stages — The most favorable time for examination and treatment is the second trimester of pregnancy (from 14 to 27 weeks). By this time, the vital organs and systems of the child have formed, and the placenta reliably protects the baby from external influences.
  •  Early terms (1-2 trimester) — Dental treatment in the early stages requires special care, since many drugs and x-ray examinations are contraindicated during this period. Procedures are performed with lidocaine with no epinephrine . 
  • Late terms (3rd trimester) In the third trimester, dental procedures are not contraindicated, but they cause discomfort to the mother. Due to the fact that the child is already quite big, therapy has to be carried out lying on his back or on his side. In the last 2 months, it is recommended to avoid visiting the dental office and see a dentist only for acute and emergency tooth pain. 

X-ray. Root canal and periodontitis treatments are impossible to be taken care of without x-rays. If an x-ray is necessary for a pregnant. The radiation doses of thislatest dental x ray equipment are 90% lower than with film x-rays. During the procedure, the abdominal area is covered with a lead apron. Dental fillings to treat cavities are not restricted as well on pregnant women,but it is best to wait especially at the initial stage of pregnancy until the second trimester. 

Teeth extractions. Tooth extraction under local anesthesia is not contraindicated for the expectant mother. However, a complex extraction, such as a wisdom tooth, is best done after the baby is born. Anesthesia in dental treatment while expecting a child Modern anesthetics based on articaine have an exclusively local effect and do not penetrate the placental barrier. Anesthesia is absolutely safe for mother and baby. Recommendation: in the first 3 months, while the placenta has not yet fully formed, it is better for a pregnant woman to refrain from using anesthetics. Dental treatment with anesthesia is best done in the second trimester.   

Which dental procedures can not be done during pregnancy? 

Teeth whitening is not allowed during pregnancy at any stage. Preparations for professional whitening penetrate the placenta and are dangerous for the fetus at any time. General anesthesia and sedation. Preparations for general anesthesia are prohibited for use by pregnant women. Implantation. During implantation, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed. Moreover, the hormonal background of a pregnant woman increases the risk of implant rejection.


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