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Dental Implants in Hollywood Florida! Best price for full implant tooth!

If installing implants in Affordable Dentistry of South Florida, we guarantee the quality of our work in the contract. We install only made in USA OCO Biomedical implants that have a lifetime manufacturer's warranty and all the necessary certificates of conformity. Our dentists undergo professional training and constantly improve their skills in working with various implantation trainings according to international standards. Why is replacing missing teeth with implants the best method? This is an operation to implant a pin that performs a supporting function for the prosthesis. Implantation is rightfully considered the most effective method of restoring missing teeth. Considering affordable price for dental implants they serve and provide huge number of advantages: no need to grind healthy teeth; you can restore any dental issue; dental implants solve the problem of both partial and complete adentia; the most reliable fixation of the prosthesis; high chewing efficiency; protection against bone atrophy; a wide range of prostheses. 

Modern technologies for the manufacture of implants guarantee excellent quality and durability of products. Dental implants last a lifetime. Dr Eric Schuetz is known for installing the most painless and stress free dental implants. Patients know him as a caring, funny and very knowledgeable dentist in Hollywood Florida.

How is a dental implant procedure performed?

Dr Eric Schuetz, DMD at Affordable Dentistry of South Florida  carefully examines your mouth and teeth, reviews dental x-rays and works a treatment plan that fits your oral health best; 

Day of dental implant procedure: The implant is placed under local anesthesia in the patient's jaw. The wound is sutured. After a set period of time, usually a week the sutures are removed in the dental office located in Hollywood FL. 

Healing Stage of a dental implant is around 3-4 months and only then impressions are taken to be sent to our local dental lab to customize your abutment and dental implant crown. 

Implant crowns blend in with the rest of your teeth giving you a natural long lasting smile. Patients can install up to 6-8 implants per jaw at a time, it is always individual to each patient's need. 

The need for a sinus lift. This procedure is necessary for atrophy of bone tissue which is most of the time performed under the same dental roof. We are a one stop dental office for all your dental needs. Patients have absolutely not experienced discomfort during the procedure.


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