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This is a painless and safe dental procedure. In the manufacture of dentures, materials are used that do not differ in color and texture from natural enamel. You will be satisfied with the result. 

When are dentures needed? Prosthetics may be required if: One or more teeth are missing in the dentition (it is supposed to install a prosthesis on 1, 2, 3 or more teeth); Insufficiency of restoration with the help of filling. The integrity of the dentition plays an important role in comfort and aesthetic performance. In case of serious damage, there is a threat of loss of a dental unit, and in the absence of one or more, consequences for the rest appear: Atrophy of the bone tissue develops at the place of absence; The redistribution of the load causes grinding of nearby; Neighbor teeth are loosened, and antagonists move apart to compensate for the lost. Affordable Dentistry of South Florida offers high-quality dental prosthetics at an affordable price — patients from the Hollywood, FL community are always happy and satisfied. The modern equipment in our dentistry allows you to carry out any type of restoration and treatment with comfort. The cost of dental prostheses is affordable for everyone. 

   Denture types and prices:

 There are two main types of prosthetics: removable (clasp dentures, immediate acrylic dentures and fixed (implant supported). Prostheses are made of: cermet; zirconia; metal-free ceramics. In our dental office, we enhance the structural features of the patient's jaw, do x-rays and help you treatment plan and achieve that natural smile. We perform treatment of any complexity, including ALL-ON-6 and ALL-ON-4 implant dentures!. All prices on our promo section, but if you would like to find out what works best for your oral health and exact amount, please schedule a FREE dental implant consultation.


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