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Simple Tooth Extraction - Procedure and Healing

Tooth extraction is a procedure that has become less popular, because Hollywood Dentist in Affordable Demtistry of South Florida  are doing  and will always do everything possible to save the tooth with other treatments. 

In what cases do teeth have to be extracted? 

Indications for tooth extraction:

  •  problematic eruption of third molars; 
  •  severe destruction of the structure of the tooth;
  •  installation of braces, 
  •  bridges or prostheses; 
  •  wrong location;
  •  impossibility of eruption; 
  •  injury to the oral mucosa;
  •  serious fractures of the jaw; 
  •   periodontitis 3-4 stages. 

At the Affordable Dentistry of South Florida we can extract a tooth in the upper or lower jaw even in a dental emergency. The dentist will numb the area with local anesthesia. If the dentist recommends saving the tooth, then you should consider an offered treatment plan rather than jumping into tooth extraction. Restoration of the tooth and other restoration services are a worthy alternative. You can find out more at the dentist's appointment. If it is possible to restore a tooth without removal, then in the Hollywood FL dental office, doctors will offer the best methods of restoration. Modern techniques and technologies make it possible to restore the tooth qualitatively, restoring its chewing function and natural appearance. The combination of autoimmune diseases and chronic periodontitis is a reason for surgical intervention. If you do not carry out the extraction on time, then the price of waiting will be your overall health. The lack of effective treatment will lead to severe intoxication and serious complications of an infectious nature.

 How teeth are extracted?

Area is numbed with local anesthesia, both forceps and scalpel can be used; a surgical method for the removal of hard-to-reach teeth, with problems with eruption or severe destruction. A scalpel is used to cut the gums. The disadvantages of the procedure are that it is traumatic and can be difficult for some people to tolerate; atraumatic — the fastest and most painless way using forceps and strong painkillers. Simple extraction is as simple as it sounds.


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