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Gum Disease and how it can affect your heart!

Inflammation, reddening of the gums, swelling and bleeding are all symptoms of unpleasant, rather dangerous diseases that cannot be ignored in any case. The most common are gingivitis, periodontitis, inflammation under the tooth crowns. The causes of diseased gums are usually the following:

  • mechanical damage; 
  • improper oral care (too much pressure on the brush, insufficient hygiene, etc.); 
  •  excessive smoking;
  •  the presence of tartar; 
  •  malocclusion;
  •  chronic diseases, such as diabetes, diseases of the endocrine system, and others. 

Possible Consequences If blood on your toothbrush or gum disease is common for you, make an appointment with your dentis near you. Symptoms that seem like a trifle will sooner or later lead to a deterioration in the condition of the oral cavity. One of the consequences of neglecting gum problems is complete loss of teeth. Self-medicating or relying on inflammation and redness to go away on their own means dooming yourself to a lot of uncomfortable sensations and problems in the future. Treatment of gums and teeth in Affordable Dentistry of South Florida is your best choice! Our dentists and dental hygienists will painlessly carry out effective treatment of gum diseases of any complexity, using the latest equipment and technologies in their work, and will also inform you how to properly care for the oral cavity after the procedure. We use non invasive dental lasers to treat gum disease. Professionalism and a sensitive attitude towards patients are the guarantee of a good result of gum treatment in your dental office located in Hollywood FL. Schedule your appointment today.


10 april 2022, 12:48

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