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Invisalign - Clear Braces

In the dental clinic Affordable Dentistry of South Florida you can correct your bite  and straighten your teeth without braces by undergoing orthodontic treatment on invisible aligners (retainers). Dr Perez Agueda who has been certified to install invisalign and aligners from different manufacturers, like Invisaqqlign, Clear Correct and Dandy Aligners will take best care of you and make sure you are confident and happy with your smile. Treatment usually continues to up to 12 months with fewer appointments with a dentist unlike traditional metal braces.

Benefits and importance of straight teeth.

The cost of aligners for teeth is quite lower that the price of metal braces.At the same time, aligners are made and selected in such a way as to vary the load on the jaw and eliminate traumatic discomfort. Using invisalign aligners to straighten your teeth provides many benefits: 

Psychological comfort. 

Transparent aligners are almost invisible to others — your smile will be natural and pleasant. 

Teeth protection. 

 Efficiency. Dental trays are selected taking into account the calculated plan for teeth alignment based on the jaw scan. 

TIME. Unlike traditional methods that take 2-3 years, teeth straightening with invisalign takes 6-12 months, depending on the complexity of the case. 

Do you want a beautiful and healthy smile without wearing metal braces? Schedule a free consultation with Dr Agueda Perez and get answers to your questions!


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