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Porcelain Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are small overlays that have become widespread in aesthetic dentistry due to their many benefits and availability. Veneers are aesthetic micro prostheses in the form of nail plates. They are fixed with composite adhesive on the outside of the tooth, giving it a beautiful and natural look. 

It is recommended to get veneers if: 

  • there are defects in enamel or dentine; 
  • tooth demineralization has occurred; 
  • there is a slight curvature of the bite; 
  • the color of old fillings or the enamel itself has changed.

 These problems can appear due to trauma, age-related changes, poor oral hygiene, or be congenital.

Patients with overbite or underbite might not be candidates for porcelain veneers. Affordable Dentistry of South Florida will treatment plan the best possible care for you and if additional treatments such as teeth cleaning, gum contouring and teeth straightening are needed before getting porcelain veneers. Usually the process of getting dental veneers only takes three visits! Schedule your consultation and do not hold back on your dream smile!


10 april 2022, 12:54

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