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Aligners or Braces?

Previously, it was only possible to correct your bite with braces. But a few years ago, there was an alternative to fixed appliances in the form of aligners, invisible orthodontic mouth guards. Both systems solve the same problems. What to choose for treatment, aligners or braces, is a question that many people are interested in.

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Aligners are a new trend in dentistry, which appeared due to the development of innovative technology and is also designed to correct dental defects. In fact, it is a system that allows you to predict bite changes in several scenarios through 3D visualization. The orthodontist can simulate the result even before treatment begins and demonstrate it on the monitor.

Aligners are transparent mouth guards. They are made from an impression of the teeth. A set of mouth guards is prepared for a full course of treatment. The plates change in sequence, allowing you to gradually move the teeth to the desired position along the trajectory planned by the doctor. The mouth guards are not visible in the mouth and do not interfere with the articulation. Aligners must be worn for at least 18 hours a day to achieve the desired effect. The products are optimally suited for the treatment of mild to moderately complex defects.


Transparent plates have many advantages, so this method of treatment is suitable for everyone. Quality correction is guaranteed with regular wear. Transparent mouth guards are also recommended for public people whose work is connected with television, show business, etc.


  1. They are practically invisible in the mouth, which is important for patients who do not want to show the fact of orthodontic treatment to others.
  2. Small and thin – they are comfortable to wear.
  3. Comfortable to use – they are easy to remove, do not traumatize soft tissues, do not interfere with diction.
  4. Provide a fast habituation.
  5. No problems with care – it is enough to wash the mouth guards regularly in soapy water.
  6. No dietary restrictions.

The plates are effective and work delicately with minimal discomfort to the person. The speed of treatment is higher.


Any dental defect can be treated with aligners. The plates fix diastemas and fractures, twisted teeth, deep, open, mesial and crossbite. They are effective in correcting uneven teeth in children where the baby teeth are not yet completely replaced by the molars. The mouth guards are made of soft biopolymer compound. The material is safe for humans, does not stain under the influence of organic dyes, does not cause irritation and does not traumatize soft tissues.


There are a few differences, but they are significant:

  1. Aesthetics – unlike braces, plastic mouth guards are not visible.
  2. Mechanics – aligners apply pressure evenly on all teeth, with simultaneous rotation and displacement in a given direction due to tight coverage. Braces provide consistent displacement in the desired directionand rotation.
  3. Removability – the mouth guards are removable, no need to change your diet, and oral hygiene is simplified.
  4. Allergenicity – aligners are made of hypoallergenic plastic, while most braces models are made of metal.
  5. Fixing time – plates are placed in 45-60 minutes. Non-removable models take 3-6 hours.
  6. Treatment period with aligners is 30% faster.

When wearing braces, there is a possibility of tooth decay. With aligners, this is avoided. Brushes and dental floss are not needed to care for mouth guards. For fixed systems, the use of cleaning devices is mandatory. Patients who wish to purchase polymer plates can see the final result before treatment begins.

The cost of the mouth guards is offset by the many benefits. In addition to the speed of correction, the patient receives aesthetics and wearing comfort due to the design of the plates. A person will not feel embarrassed, as is often the case with braces. There is no need to be embarrassed about smiling and laughing, or press your lips together when talking.

There are no dietary restrictions when wearing aligners. You can eat solid foods, first removing the plates from your mouth. Braces cannot be removed for a while, so you have to give up some food, otherwise you can damage the construction. After eating, you need to rinse your mouth thoroughly and brush your teeth, because food debris gets stuck in the locks. Difficulty with oral hygiene leads to cavities and additional treatment, whereas with aligners there are no such problems. Eating and brushing are no different.

If in doubt about your treatment, schedule a consultation at Affordable Dentistry of South Florida. Our doctor will diagnose you, assess your oral health and recommend treatment to correct any defects. 

We eliminate even complex deformities with aligners and provide pain-free treatment. Clients of the clinic can expect a comfortable atmosphere, fast and professional service.

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