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What happens before, during, and after dental implant surgery?

During the consult and planning stage, the dental surgeon will visually examine the site in the mouth where a dental implant is being considered as well as looking at dental imaging studies (x-rays or/and panoramic films ). At this time, the quality and quantity of jawbone is assessed to determine if more bone is needed at the site. Once it has been established that a dental implant can be placed in the desired location, the patient will return for surgical procedures for the dental implant(s). ... Read more


02 july 2020, 16:49
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What are Dental Implants?

“Are dental implants safe?” is one of the first thoughts that comes to mind hearing about implants being placed in a person’s jawbones, isn’t it? Well, let’s set this clear right away – Dental implants are safe! Yes, you read that right. Dental implants have proven to be not just safe but the best ways to replace missing teeth when all other criteria have been met.
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30 june 2020, 14:24
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Deep Cleaning (SRP) in Hollywood, FL

Why do you need deep cleaning?
Using a probe, if a dentist sees that gum pockets have formed, then he would use the deep-cleaning technique to cure this periodontal problem. After performing an X-ray on your teeth, if the dentist sees that there is a bone loss, then he would advise deep cleaning.... Read more


26 june 2020, 14:47
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What Are Bridges And Crowns?

Bridges and crowns are two different types of prosthetic devices used in restoration dentistry, and can greatly enhance the function and appearance of patients' mouths. Affixed to the teeth adjacent to the gap they fill bridges can replace multiple missing teeth, though they can also be used with implants if that option is available. ... Read more


16 june 2020, 16:02
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Full & Partial Dentures

Dentures are a removable replacement option for all or some of your missing teeth. Your doctor will custom-fit dentures for your mouth and consult with you on how to properly clean and maintain your dentures. Dentures are often used for replacing your teeth, when dental implants are not an option. If you’ve lost all of your teeth, whether from gum disease, tooth decay or injury, replacing your teeth will not only benefit your appearance, but also your overall health. Dentures can make it easier to eat and speak, which will improve your quality of life.... Read more


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