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Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges is a non-removable option used to replace one or several missing teeth being a non-expensive and safe alternative to dental implants. It fills the gap that forms in the place of missing teeth, it can straighten broken down crooked teeth and close unsightly gaps.

Why do you need a bridge?

Dental bridge is an optimal variant from both functional and aesthetic standpoints. “All ceramic” which are the most natural looking with no metal lines at the gum line, or porcelain fused to metal teeth perform all functions of healthy teeth: chewing, articulation and speaking, and attractive smile. Besides, a bridge helps to sustain healthy facial structure and prevents damage and shifting of nearby healthy teeth.

How to select the right dental bridge?

The choice of dental bridge mainly depends on the location of missing tooth and quality of dental enamel. The following options are available in our clinic:

  1. Traditional dental bridges include at least two or more natural teeth that anchor or support a fake tooth and achieves a harmonious, functional and strong structure;
  2. Implant supported bridges are preferable when several teeth are missing. However, this procedure requires a few months to be performed: first, specialist surgically places implants and only later – the bridge.

Affordable Dentistry of South Florida offers porcelain, alloys, gold and combination of materials to make artificial teeth for our dental bridges.

How the procedure is performed?

You will need to make at least two visits. On your first visit, the dentist will do all preparations: remove some enamel and take impressions. Teeth impressions will be made for the dentist to use this model for producing a bridge in our dental lab. A temporary bridge is required to protect prepped and exposed teeth and gums.

During your second visit, the temporary bridge will be removed. A try-in to check margins, bite and esthetics, adjustments as needed are made. Sometimes more than two visits are required. Permanent dental bridges are bonded into place.

Specialists in Affordable Dentistry of South Florida perform dental bridge procedures using durable and biocompatible materials. Our team will help you to restore dental health without extra expenses and risks.

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