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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Teeth implantation is a method of installing a false “root” made of titanium in the upper or lower jaw. Dental implants are used as supports to which removable or non-removable dentures (tooth crowns) are attached.

A dental implant is a false root that is implanted into the bone tissue of the patient’s jaw. Once it engrafted (it lasts 2-6 months on average), the patient conducts a follow-up visit, and the doctor implants the implant superstructure, the abutment. Then impressions are taken and sent to the laboratory for the permanent crown to be manufactured, which takes 2 weeks under normal conditions. When the crown is ready, it is fitted for the patient, and an adjustment is made, if necessary.

What is an implant for? Can the implant setting be postponed?

We often become too busy to take care of our health. In particular, it is wrong to think that the tooth is already lost. Patients believe that its recovery can be postponed. This is a very common mistake, since, in addition to the aesthetic aspect, the implant helps the patient not to lose bone tissue during the life course. Furthermore, even one missing tooth changes the distribution of the load on the entire dentition. Basically, the adjacent teeth bear the load of the missing tooth, which often affects their health in future. This is why it is extremely important to consult a doctor in time and have an implant set as soon as possible.

If one or more teeth are lost, the bone tissue becomes thinner over time, which leads to deformation of the maxillofacial system. Like the natural tooth root, the implant serves as a reliable support for bone tissue. Every person who has lost one or more teeth as a result of various injuries, diseases, or tooth decay, he might automatically have a tooth implant in future. The implant must be connected to the crown at the level of the bone, which was originally a healthy tooth. Elderly people can also undergo an implantation procedure, as the state of health is rather more important for its implementation than age. The dentist decides whether dental implantation is possible or not after a thorough medical examination of an individual patient and a detailed examination of the condition of his teeth.

Advantages of implants:

  • When installing the prosthesis on the implants, the adjacent teeth are not ground down and, accordingly, are not injured.
  • Being under the gums, the implant is an analogue of the natural tooth root.
  • The tooth crown on the implant will serve you just like a natural tooth. Neither you, nor those around you will notice the difference.
  • With the help of implants, poorly fixed dentures can be strengthened.
  • Implant prostheses do not require special care. They must be cleaned in the same way as one’s natural teeth.
  • Implants have a longer service life than tooth crowns or bridges.
  • The doctor may decide to set immediate implant, if the patient’s clinical picture so allows. Our doctor Dr. Eric Schuetz, DMD has more than 20 years experience in implantology. In our dental practice, we use American implants only. Thus, we minimize all risks as much as possible, because the doctor’s high professionalism is combined with the high quality of the materials used. In doing so, we carefully monitor the market dynamics, and we can say with confidence that the installation of an implant is available to everyone. Affordable Dentistry of South Florida offers a variety of monthly payment programs. 0% APR plan is often available for patients up to 24 month. Furthermore, we offer a solution for patients with low credit history. Please find more detailed information here or call us at 954-534-9181, 754-221-9988 at any time.

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