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Root Canal

Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment - RCT

Root canals are an amazing feed system for the tooth material. They have blood vessels and nerves (pulp). In case of its irreversible inflammation, it shall be treated by “removing the nerve” with thorough cleaning and sealing throughout the root canals.

In the Affordable Dentistry of South Florida clinic, endodontists, who are highly specialized dentists, work with root canals and have the finest methods of working with roots of any complexity. Treatment and preservation of natural teeth of our patients is undoubted priority for us. It is always possible when the primary root canal treatment is performed, but when the root canals were previously cured, it can have various effects.

It is important to understand that the tooth needs special protection after palpation of the root canals, since channels used to deliver useful material and minerals are now sealed and have lost their main function. A tooth crown can be used to protect the root apex from destruction. Tooth crowns are made from different materials. Learn more about tooth crowns at or call us at 954-534-9181, 754-221-9988

Thanks to the high qualifications of our doctors, a competent approach to the problem and many years of experience, we can safely say that Affordable Dentistry of South Florida provides improved patient services. Please call us now and schedule your appointment today.

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