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Zoom Whitening

Zoom Whitening

New Generation of Teeth Whitening with Zoom Technology

Among all the methods of professional teeth whitening, Zoom is the most progressive, effective, and safe today. An acid-free gel containing amorphous calcium phosphate is the basis of the Zoom teeth whitening technology. This gel is activated by the light of the special Zoom lamp. When interacting with light, the gel breaks dark spots on enamel surface. Every teeth whitening procedure consists of three treatments 15 minutes each, followed by fluoride treatment to ensure less sensitivity and strengthen the structure.

Advantages of the Zoom method are: · immediate result; · color change by 8–12 tones (of 16); · absolute safety of teeth whitening; · painless procedure; · teeth improvement; · natural shine.

Furthermore, this method of professional teeth whitening allows changing their color even when nothing else has worked. For example, if your teeth turned yellow due to genetic predisposition, and not at as a result of external factors.

Teeth darken or turn yellow by reason of:

  • smoking;
  • genetic characteristics;
  • age-specific changes;
  • excessive sugar consumption;
  • colorants in drinks and food;
  • treatment with antibiotics
  • Zoom teeth whitening technology copes brilliantly with the consequences of all these causes. You will have snow-white teeth just like movie stars have!

    Zoom teeth whitening: stages

    Step 1
  • Zoom teeth whitening technology is carried out in three stages. First is to protect the patient’s lips and gums. This allows the doctor to focus on work without fear of harming you.
  • Step 2
  • Next step is to apply a whitening gel. 25% hydrogen peroxide is used as a basis for it.
  • Step 3
  • After that, teeth are processed with ultraviolet light.This method of teeth whitening is considered to be gentle, because amorphous calcium phosphate during the teeth whitening procedure fills defects and cracks in the enamel, thereby restoring its structure. Zoom teeth whitening gives you a great result that lasts up to 3 years.
  • The procedure itself lasts 45 minutes only. But, what is more important, your teeth will not turn yellow after such whitening procedure.

  • The procedure has a small risk of enamel microdamage. However, do not worry about it. The dentist examines your teeth after the whitening procedure, and he will definitely take steps to eliminate injuries, if any. To do this, the enamel is treated with restoratives, which, among other things, give your teeth a healthy shine. Moreover, it makes them stronger and healthier.
  • Important
  • It is also necessary to remember that you will need to limit nutrition a little after the whitening procedure. So, it is not recommended to drink tea or coffee during the week, or eat foods containing colorants. It is necessary to refrain from smoking during this period.
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